Is this the Yellow Armidallo?


     People still come in, and say, “Is this the Yellow Armadillo?” Yes, Not even the Briar Patch, lol. I think it’s the cute name, really.


We are not the Yellow Armadillo, or the Briar Patch. This was where it WAS but now: We are Charmed Life Shoppes and Events! We still love them, but Briar Patch, now only does events, Molly and I bought the brick and mortar business.

You would not EVEN believe the massive changes that we have made, since November to the shop! We are so proud of the metamorphosis that has taken place! We have painted! Cleaned, painted, re-arranged, changed, built, rebuilt, sanded, added new shoppes with amazing items, paid, re-paid, played, PRAYED, AND PRAYED.

Lots of new awesome and amazing things for our customers! 

1/2 price of clothes and shoes in Bandwagon Boutique, 30 or 50%off antiques, books for $10 a bag, amazingly beautiful new fall clothing, bows, and we have guy stuff, now too! Not to mention the best T-Shirts in town for your spirit wear!

We are so happy to announce that we are adding paint classes to book at party, or you can attend our “Girlfriend Art Therapy” classes on Thursday evenings at 6:00.  Please, start booking these classes! We REALLY need the “therapy”!!! Y’all do too! Don’t even lie!!

ALSO, we ALWAYS have a piece of furniture in progress and many people have asked for advice and help, so you now can book an hour of fun and learning about how to make your ugly furniture your own!

And THEN the best thing EVER! You can learn to arrange fresh flowers, for yourself, with your friends, have fun. Go home with an amazing piece, plus a unique experience!

We have “Food Truck Fridays” with mouth watering trucks from the Permian Basin Finest! 

ALSO! This coming weekend, we are doing pink Extensions for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Please stop by and see the newest vendors, and the long standing amazing shop owners that have brought in amazing products for you.


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